Investment Trends Confirm Importance of Business-Centered Technology

By Cynthia Short

Based on insights from business and technology leaders, we’ve created a new series on boosting digital transformation ROI through a business-centered technology approach. We’ve identified four key trends on this topic and are taking a deeper dive into each one, so you have a pulse on the ever-changing nature of digital transformation.

Despite the detrimental economic effects of the pandemic, technology investment is holding steady and even increasing, according to recent studies of C-suite leaders on digital transformation.

While the pandemic has propelled companies to invest in digital transformation efforts, there’s also an increased pressure to realize the value of that investment. According to Lexico CEO Damani Short, “If a company is going to spend 2-4 percent of its revenue on technology, the only way you can realize the value of technology investment is to connect and align it to the business.”

Here is a closer look into the trend of Investment that we’ve uncovered:

A deeper dive into the trend of investment in digital transformation.

Digital transformation can deliver, at minimum, cost savings and efficiency. But we’ve seen ambitious companies take a business-centered technology approach to their digital transformation investment, boosting growth and innovation as a result. These companies are not pulling back on their investments at all. When the business and technology objectives are aligned, the realization of business value and return on technology investment can happen.