The 4 Tiers of Digital Transformation

The 4 Tiers of Digital Transformation

Nov 7, 2023
By Damani Short What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the process of using technology to create better customer experiences and more effective business operations. It’s not just about the latest …
technology interdependency signs

3 Ways to Bridge the Gaps Between Technology and The Change Management Process

Nov 7, 2023
To reverse the failure rate of technology initiatives, it’s important to plan for the change that spans people, process and technology.
Leader mindset key to successful transformation

The Mindset of Leaders is Key to Transformation Success

Nov 3, 2023
While there are many bright shiny objects of technology that get all the attention, mindset is a critical element to successful transformation work. Without it, no amount of technology can successfully transform the organization.
A different approach to financial modeling can yield impactful results.

Maximize Technology Investment with Capability Based Framework 

Oct 24, 2023
Organizations can take a different approach to modeling to make more informed decisions, resulting in clearer prioritization, smarter decision making and achievement of key performance indicators.
A deeper dive into investment trends of business-centered technology.

Digital Investment Trends Confirm Importance of Business-Centered Technology

Aug 27, 2023
Despite the detrimental economic effects of the pandemic, technology investment is holding steady and even increasing, according to recent studies of C-suite leaders on digital transformation.