A new CEO and CFO were appointed at a multi-billion dollar global facilities management company. Prior leadership enabled a loosely federated approach where business units had their own commercial and digital solutions offerings with limited governance in place. Top line growth was slowing and margin performance wasn’t meeting expectations.

Pain Points

  • Business unit strategy wasn’t set to address declining revenue and margin performance
  • Technology and broader digital offerings had redundancy in some areas, gaps in others
  • Leaders were struggling with where to invest for innovation and where to run for cost optimization

Solution Profile

  • Assisted in development and refinement of the business strategy (offerings, financials, operational excellence roadmap, etc)
  • Developed a business capability model from which technology and digital solutions were evaluated
  • Developed a rolling 36 month roadmap of programs addressing people, process and technology transformation required to improve commercial offerings and internal operations with corresponding impact on company P&L


  • Developed and secured capital for innovation and new digital offerings
  • Reduced operating expenditures by 19% per annum through technology consolidation and enhanced digital platform strategy
  • Instantiated roadmapping capability and discipline which became part of company operating model and executive team cadence