Transformation Consulting

A Transformation Services Consultancy Firm

Every day, Lexico works with executives, senior leaders, boards, and organizations as they undergo large, significant, and fundamental changes in their businesses. One major component of our work involves lowering the risk of transformation, and accelerating successful outcomes. 

Understand the foundational nature of business transformations

Our advisory and leadership teams include former C-suite leaders and highly experienced subject matter practitioners who deliver transformation strategy, roadmapping, orchestration, and implementation services. In addition, our holistic 360° approach factors in technology, people, processes, and culture. 

Most importantly: we ruthlessly prioritize delivering value early and often, in order to help clients develop new capabilities that ensure sustainability and growth for the future.


Transformational Consulting Solutions

No two transformations are alike. From this perspective, we tailor every engagement to the unique needs of your organization. Below you’ll find more insights into our Business, Operational, and Technology transformation services.


Business transformation consulting and advisory can be a fairly large umbrella. It can also be an area that few businesses truly understand, even when they’re in the midst of a transformation. One of our key differentiators in this space comes down to the teams we build on behalf of our clients.

We deploy carefully curated teams that consist of former C-suite leaders, in addition to highly-experienced subject matter practitioners, in order to deliver “readiness-to-results” solutions. 


A technology transformation can be one of the most significant change initiatives that any organization faces. When technology transformation is on the table, leaders must bring a flexible mindset in order to rethink the way their company’s business model aligns with things like digital-first options and applications, automation, and as diversified an IT and security infrastructure as possible.  

Lexico’s work during a technology transformation involves creating an actionable transformation plan that helps drive the redesign of our clients’ technical framework and infrastructure, in order to achieve strategic outcomes that have real business-first consequences. 

Technology transformation is not about adding new tools for the sake of the tools, but about implementing the right tools in a way that fundamentally enhances the company’s utilization, efficiencies and outcomes.


Operational transformation can be quite challenging, especially for long-established companies. Our operational transformation consulting and advisory services often begin with a global roadmapping experience that spans nearly every facet of a business, including ecommerce, product development, inventory, sales, lead management, customer experience and more.

While the goals of such engagements vary, many point to finding ways to maximize revenue generation, increase efficiencies, rein in new acquisition spend, and enhance the ways that clients service existing customers. 

Reaching New Heights with Transformation Initiatives


When is Transformation Needed? 

In the dynamic world of business, transformation is not merely an option—it’s a strategic imperative. Here are some situations where a transformation initiative becomes crucial: 

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting market dynamics, businesses must continually calibrate their capabilities to align with strategic objectives. Whether it’s refining your product offering, enhancing service delivery, or reimagining your business model, Lexico can guide you through this intricate process of adjustment and fine-tuning.

If your business is experiencing rapid growth and you’re struggling to keep up, a transformation can help streamline processes, adopt new technologies, or rethink your organizational structure to better handle the increased scale.

When expanding into new markets, a transformation can help you adapt your business model, products, or services to meet new customer needs and comply with different regulations.

The modern business landscape demands not just survival, but the ability to thrive amidst constant change. This necessitates a transformation aimed at modernizing your operating model, enhancing efficiency, and fostering agility. With Lexico, you can build a resilient organization that is well-equipped to navigate market volatility and seize emerging opportunities.

As digital disruption continues to reshape industries, businesses must shift their approach towards technology, security, and data. This involves not just adopting new technologies, but also rethinking how you leverage these tools to maximize benefits, safeguard your assets, and derive actionable insights from data. Lexico can help you navigate this complex transformation, ensuring your technology strategy aligns with your business goals.

If your industry is being disrupted by new technologies or competitors, a transformation can help you stay competitive. This might involve innovating your product offering, digitizing your operations, or retraining your staff.

If your business performance is not meeting expectations, a transformation initiative can help you identify and address the root causes. This could involve enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer experience, or revamping your business strategy. Lexico’s expertise in program recovery and performance optimization can help turn around your transformation efforts and drive tangible results.

How Lexico Helps

At Lexico, we are not merely consultants – we are strategic partners in your transformation journey. Our contribution is multifaceted, tailored to the unique needs of your organization, and centered around four key areas:

Our team, composed of seasoned former C-suite executives and industry experts, provides strategic counsel and actionable insights. We leverage our extensive experience and acumen to help you navigate the complexities of your transformation journey, enabling you to make informed, strategic decisions that drive growth.

Recognizing that transformative initiatives often stretch an organization’s resources, we supplement your existing team with our cadre of experienced professionals. Our aim is to bolster your capacity, ensuring you have the requisite manpower and expertise to effectively manage and implement your transformation initiatives.

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, new skills and tools are often required to drive transformation. At Lexico, we bridge these competency gaps. We deliver targeted training and resources, equipping your team with the necessary skills and tools to propel your transformation efforts forward.

If your transformation efforts are not yielding the desired results, Lexico can help. We specialize in program recovery, employing a systematic approach to identify bottlenecks, implement corrective measures, and enhance the performance of your transformation initiatives.