A Fortune 500 utility company brought on a new executive tasked with developing and driving customer experience transformation. Lexico facilitated customer journey workshops to identify touchpoints and understand user experience throughout the customer lifecycle. The current state of customer projects was evaluated and mapped to the customer
journey providing visual clarity on project impact on customer experiences. Lexico developed their first generation customer experience roadmap, which enabled project prioritization with a view spanning the enterprise.

Pain Points

  • Unsure if investing in right areas to drive customer experience improvements in most pressing areas
  • Unclear on extent to which investment portfolio is optimized due to lack of enterprise-wide visibility
  • Lack of customer journey understanding through the eyes of the customer and their experiences
  • Lack of customer experience strategy and prioritization
  • No clarity on how to approach the transformation

Solution Profile

  • Facilitated workshops to enhance the journey map artifact
  • Orchestrated a process to inventory all enterprise-wide projects that impact customer experience
  • Developed first-generation, enterprise-wide customer experience transformation roadmap
  • Developed broader strategy and approach for executing on the transformation


  • First ever, enterprise wide visibility of 200+ projects and associated financials, headcount, timing, etc
  • Created an ability to prioritize and resequence investments to maximize program impact
  • Delivered “broad-sweep” actionable strategy and plan for transformation