A longtime CIO at a Fortune 500 utility company was challenged with articulating the past, present and future financial performance & technology strategy. C-level peers were evaluating spend with a traditional line-item view, which hindered business-aligned financial decision making. Lexico guided the development of a business capability map and built a financial model, tying business capabilities to technology investments. Lexico also helped develop the broader story of the company’s past, present and future in terms of strategic investments.

Pain Points

  • Inability to tell a cohesive story and get buy-in support from critical C-suite stakeholders
  • Lack of understanding of how technology investments impacted business capabilities resulting in lack of investment support and suboptimization of investment mix
  • Inability to analyze financials for IT in a meaningful and consistent manner

Solution Profile

  • Built business capability model
  • Build corresponding financial model by capabilities
  • Developed the C-suite story for past, present and future around technology, investments and overall financials


  • Now possess an understandable C-suite story that internal stakeholders can celebrate and evangelize
  • Now have a repeatable framework for understanding and prioritizing further development of business capabilities