Lexico Welcomes Jon Elordi

Lexico welcomes Jon Elordi, VP of Growth Development.

Lexico Welcomes Jon Elordi, New VP of Growth Development. In his role, Jon will work with C-level executives of multi-billion dollar enterprises to help them and their teams successfully navigate a variety of critical transformation and change scenarios. Jon will drive continued expansion of Lexico’s client footprint, helping more enterprises realize KPI targets and fueling their transformation needs. 

As a growth-focused commercial executive, Jon has delivered profitable growth and expanded businesses throughout his career. Leveraging omni-channel expertise to deliver a seamless customer experience via multiple distribution channels and across global markets. Jon is experienced in private equity, publicly traded, and family-owned businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has successfully expanded a variety of diverse product categories through DTC, B2C and B2B models.

Jon shares our commitment to delivering transformational services focused on our clients’ business objectives. He is passionate about understanding each client’s needs and then providing tailored, custom-fit solutions that deliver impactful results. “So many consultancies focus on how they need to work and with whomever they have available,” Elordi said. “Lexico is the complete opposite and 100% about the client partner. That’s refreshing and exciting.” Elordi is eager to get started and partner with organizations as they embark on transforming themselves in this ever-changing world.