Lexico Welcomes Randy Melvin

Lexico welcomes Randy Melvin as Head of Talent

Lexico is excited to welcome Randy Melvin, our new Head of Talent.

In this role, Randy will provide overall leadership for Lexico’s talent needs, ensuring that our transformation services consultancy can quickly right-fit C-suite and VP executives with our client solutions. Lexico partners with leaders of Fortune 1000 companies who are undergoing significant changes by curating teams of seasoned practitioners to develop and implement transformation solutions that help reduce risk and deliver on intended outcomes.

Randy’s human capital experience, proven ability to collaborate with executive leadership and business transformation acumen will be an asset to our engagement teams, and ultimately our clients. He has worked with Fortune 100 retail and financial service companies, helping them to develop and implement operation and people strategies to prepare for growth. He has also helped turnaround, sell and restructure national private companies.

“I look forward to helping Lexico continue its dedication to providing excellent client solutions,” said Randy. “The workforce has shifted dramatically in the past few years, and it’s engaging to see Lexico on the forefront of talent opportunities for senior executives.”

Welcome to the team, Randy!