Accelerated Digital Transformation Requires a Business-Centered Technology Approach

By Cynthia Short

Based on insights from business and technology leaders, we’ve created a new series on boosting digital transformation ROI through a business-centered technology approach. We’ve identified four key trends on this topic and are taking a deeper dive into each one, so you have a pulse on the ever-changing nature of digital transformation.

Here is a closer look into the trends of digital transformation acceleration that we’ve uncovered:

Digital transformation has accelerated bringing the future to us sooner than expected.

In more ambitious organizations, business needs are driving digital transformation and are creating experiences only thought possible in science fiction. Think telehealth, working remotely, A.I. bank telling. These organizations have centered their technology decisions on the objectives of the business, even in a time of acceleration. But that is more the exception than the rule. 

The future is here: telehealth annual doctor checkups, online rental spending dominates, new construction with coworking spaces business center technology will be key to deliver these acceleration solutions

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, according to recent studies of C-suite leaders. 

But leaders need to take a business-centered technology approach to ensure their faster transformation train doesn’t go off the rails, and instead delivers strong returns for the business. 37% of CIOs choose digital transformation as their first priority to help the business persevere through the current disruption. In fact, 61% of respondents say the effects of the pandemic are actually accelerating digital transformation efforts

While the pandemic has sparked acceleration, many organizations are in reaction mode  without technology decisions being centered on the needs of the business. And they are doomed to fail, largely because of leadership lacking a business-centered mindset about technology. 

How Business Centered Technology Aligns with the Trends

According to Lexico CEO Damani Short, “IT is so often disconnected and not aligned because you have leaders that don’t have this mindset. As a technology leader, you have to overcome that friction, in part by building and strengthening relationships with your business partners and delivering value.” By doing so, acceleration of digital transformation can be harnessed for the good of the business.