Boost Your Digital Transformation ROI with a Business-Centered Technology Approach

By Cynthia Short

In a new content series, Lexico looks at the trends pointing to the alignment of technology and business as being key to strong returns.

If you want to see a game-changing return on your digital transformation work, taking a business-centered approach is critical. This means making any technology investments associated with digital transformation based on the needs and objectives of your business. These decisions inform your greater digital transformation strategy, and not only can improve cost savings and efficiency, but also can boost growth and innovation, delivering an even stronger and more meaningful return.

A business-centered technology approach may represent a significant shift for your company, but it is one well-work making, as pressure to deliver value from digital transformation efforts is at an all-time high.

Across industries, companies will spend 2-5% of revenue on technology and need to demonstrate the value of that investment. This is an indicator that technology is even more integral to business success, proving that iT and Business Partners need to take a business-centered technology approach to their strategy, priorities, governance, and operations.

While the trends have shifted, a business-centered technology approach has solidly remained – and is proving to be the way forward.

Based on insights from business and technology leaders, we’ve created a new series on boosting digital transformation ROI through a business-centered technology approach. The image below is an overview of the four trends we’ve identified and are tracking, and we will be taking a deeper dive into each one, so you have a pulse on the ever-changing nature of digital transformation.