The Data-Driven Organization: Defining Data-Driven

New Lexico Video Series Defines What Data-Driven Really Means and Why It’s Important

By: Cynthia Short

There’s a huge push for businesses to be more data-driven. Data-driven strategy. Data-driven decisions. Data-driven culture. You hear the phrase “data-driven” everywhere, but with most organizations, it is not a buzzword – it’s a business imperative. So where do you start?

With our clients, Lexico starts by clarifying what data-driven is and why it’s important for businesses to not just survive, but thrive. And that’s just the beginning.

In our video series on Data-Driven Organizations, Lexico will not only define what a data-driven organization is, but also help you design the required culture change to enable it and avoid the common pitfalls along the way. Featuring conversations with our expert advisors, we’ll glean their insights on this transformation to becoming a data-driven organization.

In this video, Defining Data-Driven, Lexico lead advisor Dan Mishich and I break down the meaning of data-driven and why it is important for business leaders to make this critical transformation to data-driven strategy and data-driven decisions.

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