The Data-Driven Organization: Characteristics and Decision-Making

A closer look at characteristics of being a data-driven organization and its impact on decision-making

By: Cynthia Short

What does being data-driven really look like? In our last Data-Driven Organizations series video, Lexico lead advisor Dan Mishich and I broke down the meaning of data-driven and why it is important for business leaders to make this critical transformation to data-driven strategy and data-driven decisions. But how does being data-driven translate to the everyday actions of an organization and what are the outcomes?

In this video, Characteristics & Decision-Making, Dan and I take a closer look at the key characteristics of being data-driven and discuss the impact it has on decision-making. In addition, we go a step further and discuss the topic of data democratization and the importance of empowering all individuals in an organization with access to data.

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